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Cabin Class

These are Round Trip Business Class Fares


Varies by route, but generally July through September & May 2021
Departures from nearly every city in Brazil is pricing in the 1200 or 1300s. Insane Deals!

Pricing From $1279 to $1423


Altamira (Brazil) (ATM)
Aracaju (Brazil) (AJU)
Aracatuba (Brazil) (ARU)
Araxa (Brazil) (AAX)
Barreiras (Brazil) (BRA)
Baura-Arealva (Brazil) (JTC)
Boa Vista (Brazil) (BVB)
Caldas Novas (Brazil) (CLV)
Campina Grande (Brazil) (CPV)
Campo Grande (Brazil) (CGR)
Campos (Brazil) (CAW)
Cascavel (Brazil) (CAC)
Caxias do Sul (Brazil) (CXJ)
Chapeco (Brazil) (XAP)
Criciuma (Brazil) (CCM)
Cruz (Brazil) (JJD)
Cuiaba (Brazil) (CGB)
Curitiba (Brazil) (CWB)
Dourados (Brazil) (DOU)
Fernando De Noronha (Brazil) (FEN)
Florianopolis (Brazil) (FLN)
Goiania (Brazil) (GYN)
Governador Valadares (Brazil) (GVR)
Iguassu Falls (Brazil) (IGU)
Ilheus (Brazil) (IOS)
Imperatriz (Brazil) (IMP)
Ipatinga (Brazil) (IPN)
Jaguaruna (Brazil) (JJG)
Ji-Parana (Brazil) (JPR)
Joao Pessoa (Brazil) (JPA)
Joinville (Brazil) (JOI)
Juazeiro Do Norte (Brazil) (JDO)
Juiz De Fora (Brazil) (JDF)
Juiz de Fora (Brazil) (IZA)
Lencois (Brazil) (LEC)
Londrina (Brazil) (LDB)
Macapa (Brazil) (MCP)
Manaus (Brazil) (MAO)
Maraba (Brazil) (MAB)
Marilia (Brazil) (MII)
Maringa (Brazil) (MGF)
Montes Claros (Brazil) (MOC)
Navegantes (Brazil) (NVT)
Palmas (Brazil) (PMW)
Parnaiba (Brazil) (PHB)
Passo Fundo (Brazil) (PFB)
Paulo Afonso (Brazil) (PAV)
Pelotas (Brazil) (PET)
Petrolina (Brazil) (PNZ)
Porto Seguro (Brazil) (BPS)
Porto Velho (Brazil) (PVH)
Presidente Prudente (Brazil) (PPB)
Ribeirao Preto (Brazil) (RAO)
Rio Branco (Brazil) (RBR)
Rio Verde (Brazil) (RVD)
Santa Maria (Brazil) (RIA)
Santarem (Brazil) (STM)
Sao Jose Do Rio Preto (Brazil) (SJP)
Sao Luiz (Brazil) (SLZ)
Sinop (Brazil) (OPS)
Tabatinga (Brazil) (TBT)
Tefe (Brazil) (TFF)
Teixeira de Freitas (Brazil) (TXF)
Teresina (Brazil) (THE)
Uberaba (Brazil) (UBA)
Uberlandia (Brazil) (UDI)
Vitoria (Brazil) (VIX)
Vitoria Da Conquista (Brazil) (VDC)


Barcelona (Spain) Find Hotels Find Activities
Madrid (Spain) Find Hotels Find Activities


TAP Portugal

Fare information

base fare: JBREXI3E

Deals We Found

Miles Program Credits

Program Miles/Points
Miles & More 12338
Air China 12080
SAS Scandinavian Airlines 11423
EgyptAir 11412
Air Canada 11412
Air India 11412
Aegean Airlines 11294
Avianca 11294
COPA Airlines 11294
Ethiopian Airlines 11294
Azul Airlines 9671
Turkish Airlines 8588
Emirates 8588
Gol Transportes AĆ©reos 7459
Thai Airways 7235
Asiana 7235
United Airlines 7235
All Nippon Airways 7235
Singapore Airlines 7235
EVA Airways 7235
South African Airways 471
TAP Portugal 0
Air New Zealand 0
Hainan Airlines 0

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** = revenue based program

This data is based on an example itinerary of Florianopolis – Barcelona Round Trip

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