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We believe fundamentally that travelling is one of life’s purest joys.  Our mission is to enable people to afford more trips by shifting the balance of power to the traveler.  Searching for airfare deals can be a frustrating process and more often than not we tend to over pay because we value our time and don’t have the ability to monitor airfare prices to multiple destinations throughout the year.  Airlines count on traveler’s making sub-optimal purchasing decisions, but at Notiflyr, we search on your behalf so that you can have confidence that you are getting a great deal to your dream destination or maybe one that you never considered!

One of our key advantages is finding deals and identifying routes that are related in any particular sale, very soon after they are available.  Airlines routinely create sales that only last a few hours and with a limited number of seats available.  Many of our competitors take hours, days, or weeks to find and send out deals, that delay can cause you to miss great deals!  We are averaging 50 hours advance notice compared to our closest competitors, and you can use that to your advantage to find your flights with greater availability, and most importantly before the airline decides the sale is over!

About The Founder

In 2007 Notiflyr’s Founder caught the travel hacking bug.  He spent all of his free time learning about the travel industry, even became a travel agent, posting and discussing on popular frequent flyer forums, and learning a craft that would see him fly all over the world on incredibly cheap fares.  Since then, he and several of his travel hacking friends have been working together in private for over a decade producing these deals and flying around the world.  For example, one recent trip included Chicago to Tokyo, to Hong Kong, to London, to Dubrovnik, to Barcelona and back home for a total airfare cost of around $1000.  Also, flights to Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Melbourn, and Auckland for under $1500 in Business Class.  Now he wants to share these secrets that have allowed him to travel the world, with you.