Paris to China from €335 (Air China, Star Alliance)

Post Time: August 26, 2019 10:00 PM
Sunset on the Li River as the few remaining cormorant fisherman pack their nets for the night. by sam_beasley (
Sunset on the Li River as the few remaining cormorant fisherman pack their nets for the night. by sam_beasley (

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These are economy fares with 1 free checked bag. They are 10-day advance purchase fares valid for the entire schedule, although availability may vary.


Paris (France)


18 Airports in China


Air China

Fare information

base fare: KNCZBFR

Booking link

Sample Skyscanner link: PAR-KMG €335

Deals we found

Paris (PAR) to Changsha (CSX) for €465
Paris (PAR) to Chengdu (CTU) for €397
Paris (PAR) to Chongqing (CKG) for €382
Paris (PAR) to Fuzhou (FOC) for €398
Paris (PAR) to Guangzhou (CAN) for €457
Paris (PAR) to Guilin (KWL) for €465
Paris (PAR) to Guiyang (KWE) for €350
Paris (PAR) to Hangzhou (HGH) for €382
Paris (PAR) to Kunming (KMG) for €335
Paris (PAR) to Nanchang (KHN) for €465
Paris (PAR) to Nanjing (NKG) for €419
Paris (PAR) to Nanning (NNG) for €463
Paris (PAR) to Qingdao (TAO) for €390
Paris (PAR) to Shanghai (SHA) for €375
Paris (PAR) to Shenyang (SHE) for €419
Paris (PAR) to Shenzhen (SZX) for €352
Paris (PAR) to Wuhan (WUH) for €352
Paris (PAR) to Xiamen (XMN) for €352
Paris (PAR) to Zhengzhou (CGO) for €352

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Expedia Adventures in Fuzhou

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