USA to Seychelles and Africa from $760 (Ethiopian Airlines, United Airlines)

Post Time: August 15, 2019 9:00 PM
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Fares are Economy fares, valid for most dates September through May, and include the first checked bag for free.

This is a HUGE sale, valid between almost every Origin and Destination City below.  There are so many cities, we have only selected a few examples to provide booking links!


Atlanta (United States)
Boston (United States)
Charlotte (United States)
Columbus (United States)
Los Angeles (United States)
Miami (United States)
San Francisco (United States)


Abuja (Nigeria)
Accra (Ghana)
Brazzaville (Congo)
Conakry (Guinea)
Cape Town (South Africa)
Dar Es Salaam (United Republic of Tanzania)
Douala (Cameroon)
Dakar (Senegal)
Entebbe (Uganda)
Enugu (Nigeria)
Lubumbashi (The Democratic Republic of The Congo)
Kinshasa (The Democratic Republic of The Congo)
Kisangani (The Democratic Republic of The Congo)
Gaborone (Botswana)
Garowe (Somalia)
Goma (The Democratic Republic of The Congo)
Hargeisa (Somalia)
Harare (Zimbabwe)
Djibouti (Djibouti)
Johannesburg (South Africa)
Kilimanjaro (United Republic of Tanzania)
Juba (South Sudan)
Kaduna (Nigeria)
Kano (Nigeria)
Kigali (Rwanda)
Khartoum (Sudan)
Luanda (Angola)
Libreville (Gabon)
Lome (Togo)
Lilongwe (Malawi)
Lagos (Nigeria)
Lusaka (Zambia)
Livingstone (Zambia)
Mombasa (Kenya)
Mogadishu (Somalia)
Maputo (Mozambique)
Nairobi (Kenya)
Ndjamena (Chad)
Niamey (Niger)
Ndola (Zambia)
Nossi-be (Madagascar)
Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
Mahe Island (Seychelles)
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)
Antananarivo (Madagascar)
Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)
Windhoek (Namibia)
Moroni (Comoros)
Zanzibar (United Republic of Tanzania)
Yaounde (Cameroon)
Pointe Noire (Congo)
Cotonou (Benin)
Blantyre (Malawi)
Bossaso (Somalia)
Bujumbura (Burundi)
Bamako (Mali)
Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire)


Ethiopian Airlines, United Airlines (Star Alliance)

Fare Information


Example Deals We Found

Each Route Below is a direct booking link. Once the page loads you can change your dates and continue your search.

Atlanta (ATL) to Abuja (ABV) from $807
Atlanta (ATL) to Accra (ACC) from $943
Atlanta (ATL) to Brazzaville (BZV) from $832
Atlanta (ATL) to Conakry (CKY) from $969
Atlanta (ATL) to Cape Town (CPT) from $869
Atlanta (ATL) to Dar Es Salaam (DAR) from $766
Atlanta (ATL) to Douala (DLA) from $730
Atlanta (ATL) to Enugu (ENU) from $921
Atlanta (ATL) to Libreville (LBV) from $916
Atlanta (ATL) to Lome (LFW) from $728
Atlanta (ATL) to Lilongwe (LLW) from $816
Atlanta (ATL) to Lagos (LOS) from $1002
Atlanta (ATL) to Lusaka (LUN) from $1002
Atlanta (ATL) to Livingstone (LVI) from $810
Atlanta (ATL) to Mombasa (MBA) from $787
Atlanta (ATL) to Maputo (MPM) from $860
Atlanta (ATL) to Nairobi (NBO) from $683
Atlanta (ATL) to Ndola (NLA) from $818
Atlanta (ATL) to Nossi-be (NOS) from $1089
Atlanta (ATL) to Ouagadougou (OUA) from $1099
Atlanta (ATL) to Mahe Island (SEZ) from $787 !!
Atlanta (ATL) to Malabo (SSG) from $835
Atlanta (ATL) to Antananarivo (TNR) from $1018
Atlanta (ATL) to Zanzibar (ZNZ) from $968
Boston (BOS) to Mahe Island (SEZ) from $761
Boston (BOS) to Kilimanjaro (JRO) from $867
Boston (BOS) to Cape Town (CPT) from $824
Charlotte (CLT) to Cape Town (CPT) from $918
Charlotte (CLT) to Nairobi (NBO) from $937
Charlotte (CLT) to Mahe Island (SEZ) from $861
Columbus (CMH) to Mahe Island (SEZ) from $964
Columbus (CMH) to Johannesburg (JNB) from $945
Columbus (CMH) to Kilimanjaro (JRO) from $968
Los Angeles (LAX) to Cape Town (CPT) from $917
Los Angeles (LAX) to Kilimanjaro (JRO) from $1029
Los Angeles (LAX) to Kigali (KGL) from $914
Los Angeles (LAX) to Nairobi (NBO) from $651
Los Angeles (LAX) to Mahe Island (SEZ) from $861
Miami (MIA) to Windhoek (WDH) from $865
Miami (MIA) to Mahe Island (SEZ) from $865
Miami (MIA) to Nairobi (NBO) from $675
Miami (MIA) to Gaborone (GBE) from $832
San Francisco (SFO) to Cape Town (CPT) from $872
San Francisco (SFO) to Johannesburg (JNB) from $758
San Francisco (SFO) to Lusaka (LUN) from $862
San Francisco (SFO) to Nairobi (NBO) from $732
San Francisco (SFO) to Mahe Island (SEZ) from $823
San Francisco (SFO) to Windhoek (WDH) from $888

Need Hotels?

Need Hotels? Hotels in Abuja Hotels in Accra Hotels in Brazzaville Hotels in Conakry Hotels in Cape Town Hotels in Dar Es Salaam Hotels in Douala Hotels in Dakar Hotels in Entebbe Hotels in Enugu Hotels in Lubumbashi Hotels in Kinshasa Hotels in Kisangani Hotels in Gaborone Hotels in Garowe Hotels in Goma Hotels in Hargeisa Hotels in Harare Hotels in Djibouti Hotels in Johannesburg Hotels in Kilimanjaro Hotels in Juba Hotels in Kaduna Hotels in Kano Hotels in Kigali Hotels in Khartoum Hotels in Luanda Hotels in Libreville Hotels in Lome Hotels in Lilongwe Hotels in Lagos Hotels in Lusaka Hotels in Livingstone Hotels in Mombasa Hotels in Mogadishu Hotels in Maputo Hotels in Nairobi Hotels in Ndjamena Hotels in Niamey Hotels in Ndola Hotels in Nossi-be Hotels in Ouagadougou Hotels in Mahe Island Hotels in Malabo Hotels in Antananarivo Hotels in Victoria Falls Hotels in Windhoek Hotels in Moroni Hotels in Zanzibar Hotels in Yaounde Hotels in Pointe Noire Hotels in Cotonou Hotels in Blantyre Hotels in Bossaso Hotels in Bujumbura Hotels in Bamako Hotels in Abidjan

Things To Do:

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Expedia Adventures in Luanda
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Expedia Adventures in Ndjamena
Expedia Adventures in Niamey
Expedia Adventures in Ndola
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Expedia Adventures in Ouagadougou
Expedia Adventures in Mahe Island
Expedia Adventures in Malabo
Expedia Adventures in Antananarivo
Expedia Adventures in Victoria Falls
Expedia Adventures in Windhoek
Expedia Adventures in Moroni
Expedia Adventures in Zanzibar
Expedia Adventures in Yaounde
Expedia Adventures in Pointe Noire
Expedia Adventures in Cotonou
Expedia Adventures in Blantyre
Expedia Adventures in Bossaso
Expedia Adventures in Bujumbura
Expedia Adventures in Bamako
Expedia Adventures in Abidjan

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