Good fares from some normally forgotten airports from AA this morning. :)

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Availability:  October through Early December, and January through March 2020.


Atlanta (United States)
Cincinnati (United States)
Detroit (United States)
Minneapolis (United States)
Orlando (United States)
Salt Lake City (United States)


Naples (Italy)
Lyon (France)
Milan (Italy)
Nice (France)
Paris (France)
Florence (Italy)
Bologna (Italy)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Rome (Italy)
Venice (Italy)


American Airlines (Oneworld)

Fare Information

Fare: OLX5T0B5,OLX5T0B5

Example Booking Link:

Example Skyscanner Search: DTT-PAR: $493

Other Deals We Found

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Atlanta (ATL) to Naples (NAP) from $481
Atlanta (ATL) to Lyon (LYS) from $481
Atlanta (ATL) to Milan (MIL) from $481
Atlanta (ATL) to Nice (NCE) from $481
Atlanta (ATL) to Paris (PAR) from $481
Atlanta (ATL) to Florence (FLR) from $481
Atlanta (ATL) to Bologna (BLQ) from $481
Atlanta (ATL) to Amsterdam (AMS) from $460
Atlanta (ATL) to Rome (ROM) from $481
Atlanta (ATL) to Venice (VCE) from $481
Cincinnati (CVG) to Paris (PAR) from $578
Detroit (DTT) to Florence (FLR) from $493
Detroit (DTT) to Lyon (LYS) from $493
Detroit (DTT) to Bologna (BLQ) from $493
Detroit (DTT) to Amsterdam (AMS) from $493
Detroit (DTT) to Naples (NAP) from $493
Detroit (DTT) to Milan (MIL) from $493
Detroit (DTT) to Nice (NCE) from $493
Detroit (DTT) to Paris (PAR) from $493
Detroit (DTT) to Rome (ROM) from $493
Detroit (DTT) to Venice (VCE) from $493
Minneapolis (MSP) to Amsterdam (AMS) from $578
Orlando (ORL) to Amsterdam (AMS) from $578
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Venice (VCE) from $571
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Rome (ROM) from $571
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Paris (PAR) from $571
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Bologna (BLQ) from $571
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Amsterdam (AMS) from $571
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Florence (FLR) from $571
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Lyon (LYS) from $571
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Naples (NAP) from $571
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Nice (NCE) from $571
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Milan (MIL) from $571

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