New York to Asia Sale from $443 (China Eastern Airlines)

Post Time: July 3, 2019 7:03 AM
Evening over Singapore marina by chuttersnap (
Evening over Singapore marina by chuttersnap (

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New York (United States)


Manila (Philippines)
Yangon (Myanmar)
Singapore (Singapore)
Bangkok (Thailand)
Cebu City (Philippines)
Hanoi (Viet Nam)
Jakarta (Indonesia)
Krabi (Thailand)
Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Taipei (Republic of China Taiwan)
Tokyo (Japan)
Daegu (Republic of Korea)
Toyama (Japan)
Macau (Macao)
Matsuyama (Japan)
Nagoya (Japan)
Nagasaki (Japan)
Okinawa (Japan)
Okayama (Japan)
Sapporo (Japan)
Seoul (Republic of Korea)
Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam)
Osaka (Japan)
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
Busan (Republic of Korea)
Siem Reap (Cambodia)
Phuket (Thailand)
Hiroshima (Japan)
Shizuoka (Japan)
Fukuoka (Japan)
Niigata (Japan)
Komatsu (Japan)
Kagoshima (Japan)
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Chiang Mai (Thailand)
Delhi (India)
Denpasar (Indonesia)
Asahikawa (Japan)
Cheongju (Republic of Korea)
Jeju (Republic of Korea)


China Eastern Airlines (SkyTeam)

Fare Information


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Example Skyscanner Search: NYC-SIN: $469

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