Some wicked deals here.

Firstly, Get ready for a REALLY long list of Origins & Sample Booking links.  This one is a REALLY big sale with over 1200 routes involved.

American Airlines are filing their annual sale for US/Canada to (and from, if you’re interested) the Caribbean and even some routes including Hawaii.

These are Economy Fares and include your first checked bag

Because there are so many routes in the sale, it’s impossible to check all availability; and availability differs widely by route.  For instance, Bozeman to Port of Spain has only about 15 days of the year where the fare is valid, but other routes are wide open.  Generally, you should look for October 2019 through the end of May 2020.

Not all origins have routes to all destinations.  See the route list in the Sample Booking Links section.

Based on past experience, these deals should last about a day, but they will not open up new inventory (available dates/flights).  So book asap before it’s all dried up.

These Routes are all in the same sale and pricing varies slightly, mostly due to local taxes.
We’ve included a few direct booking links below

Pricing from $330 to $545


“Bristol, VA/Johnson City/Kingsport” (United States)
Abilene (United States)
Akron (United States)
Albany (United States)
Albuquerque (United States)
Alexandria (United States)
Allentown (United States)
Amarillo (United States)
Anchorage (United States)
Appleton (United States)
Asheville (United States)
Aspen (United States)
Augusta (United States)
Bakersfield (United States)
Baltimore (United States)
Bangor (United States)
Baton Rouge (United States)
Beaumont (United States)
Belgrade (United States)
Billings (United States)
Birmingham (United States)
Bismarck (United States)
Bloomington (United States)
Boise (United States)
Brownsville (United States)
Buffalo (United States)
Burbank (United States)
Burlington (United States)
Calgary (Canada)
Cedar Rapids (United States)
Champaign (United States)
Charleston (United States)
Charleston (United States)
Charlottesville (United States)
Chattanooga (United States)
Cheyenne (United States)
College Station (United States)
Colorado Springs (United States)
Columbia (United States)
Columbia (United States)
Columbus (United States)
Corpus Christi (United States)
Dayton (United States)
Daytona Beach (United States)
Del Rio (United States)
Des Moines (United States)
Dubuque (United States)
Duluth (United States)
Durango (United States)
Edmonton (Canada)
El Paso (United States)
Erie (United States)
Eugene (United States)
Evansville (United States)
Fargo (United States)
Fayetteville (United States)
Fayetteville (United States)
Flint (United States)
Florence (United States)
Fort Myers (United States)
Fort Smith (United States)
Fort Walton Beach (United States)
Fort Wayne (United States)
Fresno (United States)
Gainesville (United States)
Garden City (United States)
Grand Island (United States)
Grand Junction (United States)
Grand Rapids (United States)
Green Bay (United States)
Greensboro/High Point (United States)
Greenville (United States)
Greenville (United States)
Gulfport (United States)
Gunnison (United States)
Halifax (Canada)
Harrisburg (United States)
Hartford (United States)
Hayden (United States)
Hilton Head (United States)
Honolulu (United States)
Huntington (United States)
Huntsville (United States)
Indianapolis (United States)
Islip (United States)
Ithaca (United States)
Jackson (United States)
Jackson (United States)
Joplin (United States)
Kahului (United States)
Kailua-Kona (United States)
Kalamazoo (United States)
Kansas City (United States)
Kauai Island (United States)
Key West (United States)
Killeen (United States)
Kingston (Jamaica)
Knoxville (United States)
La Crosse (United States)
Lafayette (United States)
Lake Charles (United States)
Lansing (United States)
Laredo (United States)
Laurel (United States)
Lawton (United States)
Lexington (United States)
Little Rock (United States)
Long Beach (United States)
Longview (United States)
Louisville (United States)
Lubbock (United States)
Lynchburg (United States)
Madison (United States)
Manchester (United States)
Manhattan (United States)
Marquette (United States)
Martha’s Vineyard (United States)
McAllen (United States)
Melbourne (United States)
Memphis (United States)
Meridian (United States)
Midland (United States)
Milwaukee (United States)
Missoula (United States)
Mobile (United States)
Moline (United States)
Monroe (United States)
Monterey (United States)
Montgomery (United States)
Montreal (Canada)
Montrose (United States)
Myrtle Beach (United States)
Nantucket (United States)
New Bern (United States)
New Haven (United States)
Newburgh (United States)
Newport News (United States)
Norfolk (United States)
Oakland (United States)
Oklahoma City (United States)
Omaha (United States)
Ontario (United States)
Ottawa (Canada)
Palm Springs (United States)
Panama City (United States)
Pasco (United States)
Pensacola (United States)
Peoria (United States)
Pittsburgh (United States)
Portland (United States)
Portland (United States)
Providence (United States)
Quebec (Canada)
Rapid City (United States)
Redmond (United States)
Reno (United States)
Richlands (United States)
Roanoke (United States)
Rochester (United States)
Rochester (United States)
Roswell (United States)
Sacramento (United States)
Saint George (United States)
Saint Louis (United States)
Salisbury-Ocean City (United States)
San Angelo (United States)
San Antonio (United States)
San Jose (United States)
San Luis Obispo (United States)
Santa Ana (United States)
Santa Barbara (United States)
Santa Fe (United States)
Santiago (Dominican Republic)
Sarasota (United States)
Savannah (United States)
Shreveport (United States)
Sioux City (United States)
Sioux Falls (United States)
South Bend (United States)
Spokane (United States)
Springfield (United States)
Springfield (United States)
State College (United States)
Stillwater (United States)
Syracuse (United States)
Tallahassee (United States)
Texarkana (United States)
Toledo (United States)
Toronto (Canada)
Traverse City (United States)
Tucson (United States)
Tulsa (United States)
Tyler (United States)
Vail (United States)
Vancouver (Canada)
Waco (United States)
Waterloo (United States)
Watertown (United States)
Wausau (United States)
Westchester County (United States)
Wichita (United States)
Wichita Falls (United States)
Wilkes-Barre (United States)
Williamsport (United States)
Wilmington (United States)
Worcester (United States)
Yuma (United States)


Camaguey (Cuba) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Cap Haitien (Haiti) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Havana (Cuba) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Holguin (Cuba) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Kahului (United States) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Kailua-Kona (United States) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Kauai Island (United States) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Key West (United States) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Kingston (Jamaica) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Port Au Prince (Haiti) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Port Of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Saint Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Saint Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)
Santiago (Dominican Republic) (Find Hotels | Find Activities)


American Airlines

Fare information

base fare: GNW0NQN1

Sample Booking links

The sample booking links below are based on current availability.  In this sale, there seems to be very little availability for some routes.  If you click a sample booking link below and see a much higher price, try using google flights month long search to find a date where these fares are available.

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