Biz Class: Italy to Buenos Aires from $1700s (Alitalia)

Post Time: June 13, 2019 12:59 PM
If you are stuck on something sometimes you need to see it in a broader scale. Follow me on INSTAGRAM for daily @zekedrone by zekedrone (
If you are stuck on something sometimes you need to see it in a broader scale. Follow me on INSTAGRAM for daily @zekedrone by zekedrone (

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These are Alitalia “I” fares and credit well to frequent flyer programs.

Advance Purchase: 7 Days
Minimum Stay: Must stay until the first Sunday
Stopovers: 2 free stopovers allowed
Ticketing: Tickets must be issued by July 2nd
Seasonality:  August 10-Sept 8,  Sep 16-Nov 30


Alghero (Italy)
Brindisi (Italy)
Bologna (Italy)
Bari (Italy)
Cagliari (Italy)
Catania (Italy)
Florence (Italy)
Genoa (Italy)
Milan (Italy)
Naples (Italy)
Olbia (Italy)
Palermo (Italy)
Pisa (Italy)
Reggio Calabria (Italy)
Lamezia-Terme (Italy)
Trapani (Italy)
Turin (Italy)
Trieste (Italy)
Venice (Italy)
Verona (Italy)


Buenos Aires (Argentina)


Alitalia – Compagnia Aerea Italiana Spa( SkyTeam)

Fare Information

Fare: IPR8C9,IPR8C9

Example Booking Link:

Example Skyscanner Search: TRN-BUE: $1787

Other Deals We Found

Alghero (AHO) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $2054
Brindisi (BDS) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $2015
Bologna (BLQ) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $1765
Bari (BRI) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $2015
Cagliari (CAG) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $2015
Catania (CTA) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $2015
Florence (FLR) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $1751
Genoa (GOA) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $1789
Milan (MIL) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $1731
Naples (NAP) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $1749
Palermo (PMO) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $2030
Pisa (PSA) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $1765
Reggio Calabria (REG) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $2030
Lamezia-Terme (SUF) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $2015
Trapani (TPS) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $2015
Turin (TRN) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $1765
Trieste (TRS) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $1765
Venice (VCE) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $1765
Verona (VRN) to Buenos Aires (BUE) from $1765

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Things To Do:

Expedia Adventures in Buenos Aires

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