Miami, Chicago, New York to Europe from $495 (LOT)

Post Time: May 1, 2019 11:56 AM
Hungarian Parliament in Hungary. by danesduet (
Hungarian Parliament in Hungary. by danesduet (

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Chicago (United States)
Miami (United States)
New York (United States)


Various EU Destinations


LOT – Polish Airlines (Star Alliance)

Fare information

base fare: ULPRO183,ULPRO183 ($99.00)
price: $495

Booking link

Sample Skyscanner link: CHI-RIX $495

Deals we found

Chicago (CHI) to Riga (RIX) for $495
Chicago (CHI) to Kaunas (KUN) for $517
Chicago (CHI) to Palanga (PLQ) for $517
Chicago (CHI) to Vilnius (VNO) for $517
Chicago (CHI) to Tallinn (TLL) for $517
Miami (MIA) to Prague (PRG) for $501
Miami (MIA) to Gdansk (GDN) for $526
Miami (MIA) to Zielona Gora (IEG) for $526
Miami (MIA) to Krakow (KRK) for $526
Miami (MIA) to Katowice (KTW) for $526
Miami (MIA) to Swidnik (LUZ) for $526
Miami (MIA) to Poznan (POZ) for $526
Miami (MIA) to Rzeszow (RZE) for $526
Miami (MIA) to Szczecin (SZZ) for $526
Miami (MIA) to Warsaw (WAW) for $526
Miami (MIA) to Wroclaw (WRO) for $526
New York (NYC) to Budapest (BUD) for $497
New York (NYC) to Belgrade (BEG) for $508
New York (NYC) to Chisinau (KIV) for $513
New York (NYC) to Vilnius (VNO) for $517
New York (NYC) to Riga (RIX) for $517
New York (NYC) to Tallinn (TLL) for $517
New York (NYC) to Kaunas (KUN) for $517
New York (NYC) to Palanga (PLQ) for $517
New York (NYC) to Dubrovnik (DBV) for $537
New York (NYC) to Saint Petersburg (LED) for $538
New York (NYC) to Bucharest (BUH) for $557
New York (NYC) to Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) for $557
New York (NYC) to Podgorica (TGD) for $578
New York (NYC) to Skopje (SKP) for $578

When is this available?

Availability always differs, so we suggest using Google flights or Skyscanner to look for your perfect dates. Airlines can pull deals at any time. If you want to book this, book it soon. If you

Note: Information is valid at the time of publication. Since prices fluctuate and airlines alter the terms and availability of fares quite often, you may arrive to this page after these deals have expired.

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