Many USA Cities to the Mid East Starting at $660 (British Airways, Iberia)


Boston (United States)


Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


British Airways, Iberia (Oneworld)

Fare information

base fare: OLNT07S7 ($214.56)
price: $660

Booking link

Sample Skyscanner link: BOS-DXB $669

Sample OTA Seardch: BOS-DXB $669

Deals we found

Atlanta (ATL) to Cairo (CAI) for $691
Atlanta (ATL) to Beirut (BEY) for $734
Atlanta (ATL) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Nashville (BNA) to Dubai (DXB) for $756
Boston (BOS) to Dubai (DXB) for $672
Boston (BOS) to Jeddah (JED) for $692
Boston (BOS) to Beirut (BEY) for $705
Boston (BOS) to Riyadh (RUH) for $723
Boston (BOS) to Amman (AMM) for $736
Boston (BOS) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
Boston (BOS) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Boston (BOS) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $762
Boston (BOS) to Cairo (CAI) for $776
Boston (BOS) to Kuwait (KWI) for $778
Boston (BOS) to Muscat (MCT) for $778
Boston (BOS) to Bahrain (BAH) for $799
Baltimore (BWI) to Dubai (DXB) for $715
Baltimore (BWI) to Bahrain (BAH) for $734
Baltimore (BWI) to Jeddah (JED) for $742
Baltimore (BWI) to Riyadh (RUH) for $742
Baltimore (BWI) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
Baltimore (BWI) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Baltimore (BWI) to Beirut (BEY) for $752
Baltimore (BWI) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $752
Baltimore (BWI) to Kuwait (KWI) for $767
Chicago (CHI) to Dubai (DXB) for $672
Chicago (CHI) to Beirut (BEY) for $672
Chicago (CHI) to Jeddah (JED) for $672
Chicago (CHI) to Riyadh (RUH) for $672
Chicago (CHI) to Cairo (CAI) for $682
Chicago (CHI) to Kuwait (KWI) for $722
Chicago (CHI) to Muscat (MCT) for $727
Chicago (CHI) to Amman (AMM) for $736
Chicago (CHI) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $752
Chicago (CHI) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Chicago (CHI) to Dammam (DMM) for $770
Chicago (CHI) to Bahrain (BAH) for $795
Cleveland (CLE) to Kuwait (KWI) for $742
Cleveland (CLE) to Riyadh (RUH) for $742
Cleveland (CLE) to Muscat (MCT) for $742
Cleveland (CLE) to Jeddah (JED) for $743
Cleveland (CLE) to Beirut (BEY) for $752
Cleveland (CLE) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
Cleveland (CLE) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Cleveland (CLE) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $771
Cleveland (CLE) to Dubai (DXB) for $786
Cleveland (CLE) to Bahrain (BAH) for $800
Charlotte (CLT) to Riyadh (RUH) for $742
Charlotte (CLT) to Muscat (MCT) for $742
Charlotte (CLT) to Kuwait (KWI) for $742
Charlotte (CLT) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
Charlotte (CLT) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Charlotte (CLT) to Beirut (BEY) for $754
Charlotte (CLT) to Jeddah (JED) for $763
Charlotte (CLT) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $791
Dallas (DFW) to Kuwait (KWI) for $752
Dallas (DFW) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
Dallas (DFW) to Muscat (MCT) for $752
Detroit (DTT) to Muscat (MCT) for $656
Detroit (DTT) to Dammam (DMM) for $702
Detroit (DTT) to Kuwait (KWI) for $736
Detroit (DTT) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Detroit (DTT) to Jeddah (JED) for $786
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Beirut (BEY) for $752
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $752
Houston (HOU) to Dubai (DXB) for $672
Houston (HOU) to Bahrain (BAH) for $672
Houston (HOU) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $672
Houston (HOU) to Beirut (BEY) for $672
Houston (HOU) to Doha (DOH) for $672
Houston (HOU) to Cairo (CAI) for $678
Houston (HOU) to Riyadh (RUH) for $686
Houston (HOU) to Dammam (DMM) for $692
Houston (HOU) to Jeddah (JED) for $706
Houston (HOU) to Muscat (MCT) for $709
Houston (HOU) to Amman (AMM) for $736
Houston (HOU) to Kuwait (KWI) for $786
Los Angeles (LAX) to Bahrain (BAH) for $739
Los Angeles (LAX) to Doha (DOH) for $739
Los Angeles (LAX) to Riyadh (RUH) for $739
Los Angeles (LAX) to Jeddah (JED) for $759
Los Angeles (LAX) to Beirut (BEY) for $771
Los Angeles (LAX) to Muscat (MCT) for $775
Los Angeles (LAX) to Dammam (DMM) for $789
Los Angeles (LAX) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $789
Los Angeles (LAX) to Dubai (DXB) for $789
Los Angeles (LAX) to Kuwait (KWI) for $791
Miami (MIA) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $752
Miami (MIA) to Dubai (DXB) for $752
Miami (MIA) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Miami (MIA) to Beirut (BEY) for $752
Miami (MIA) to Jeddah (JED) for $752
Miami (MIA) to Kuwait (KWI) for $771
Miami (MIA) to Amman (AMM) for $786
Miami (MIA) to Dammam (DMM) for $800
Minneapolis (MSP) to Dammam (DMM) for $702
Minneapolis (MSP) to Beirut (BEY) for $734
Minneapolis (MSP) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Minneapolis (MSP) to Kuwait (KWI) for $756
Minneapolis (MSP) to Riyadh (RUH) for $767
Minneapolis (MSP) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $771
Minneapolis (MSP) to Muscat (MCT) for $776
Minneapolis (MSP) to Amman (AMM) for $778
Minneapolis (MSP) to Jeddah (JED) for $786
New Orleans (MSY) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
New Orleans (MSY) to Doha (DOH) for $752
New Orleans (MSY) to Riyadh (RUH) for $758
New Orleans (MSY) to Muscat (MCT) for $767
New Orleans (MSY) to Kuwait (KWI) for $767
New Orleans (MSY) to Beirut (BEY) for $784
New Orleans (MSY) to Jeddah (JED) for $786
New York (NYC) to Muscat (MCT) for $672
New York (NYC) to Doha (DOH) for $684
New York (NYC) to Beirut (BEY) for $695
New York (NYC) to Jeddah (JED) for $702
New York (NYC) to Dubai (DXB) for $736
New York (NYC) to Riyadh (RUH) for $743
New York (NYC) to Amman (AMM) for $747
New York (NYC) to Kuwait (KWI) for $752
New York (NYC) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $752
New York (NYC) to Bahrain (BAH) for $752
New York (NYC) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
Oakland (OAK) to Riyadh (RUH) for $739
Oakland (OAK) to Cairo (CAI) for $740
Oakland (OAK) to Bahrain (BAH) for $783
Oakland (OAK) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $789
Oakland (OAK) to Dubai (DXB) for $789
Oakland (OAK) to Beirut (BEY) for $789
Orlando (ORL) to Amman (AMM) for $784
Philadelphia (PHL) to Beirut (BEY) for $722
Philadelphia (PHL) to Muscat (MCT) for $742
Philadelphia (PHL) to Kuwait (KWI) for $742
Philadelphia (PHL) to Riyadh (RUH) for $742
Philadelphia (PHL) to Jeddah (JED) for $743
Philadelphia (PHL) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
Philadelphia (PHL) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Philadelphia (PHL) to Dubai (DXB) for $786
Philadelphia (PHL) to Amman (AMM) for $787
Philadelphia (PHL) to Bahrain (BAH) for $800
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Kuwait (KWI) for $742
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Muscat (MCT) for $742
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Riyadh (RUH) for $742
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Jeddah (JED) for $743
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Beirut (BEY) for $752
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $771
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Dubai (DXB) for $786
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Bahrain (BAH) for $800
Raleigh/Durham (RDU) to Kuwait (KWI) for $742
Raleigh/Durham (RDU) to Muscat (MCT) for $742
Raleigh/Durham (RDU) to Riyadh (RUH) for $742
Raleigh/Durham (RDU) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
Raleigh/Durham (RDU) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Raleigh/Durham (RDU) to Beirut (BEY) for $754
Raleigh/Durham (RDU) to Jeddah (JED) for $763
Raleigh/Durham (RDU) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $791
San Francisco (SFO) to Riyadh (RUH) for $739
San Francisco (SFO) to Cairo (CAI) for $740
San Francisco (SFO) to Bahrain (BAH) for $783
San Francisco (SFO) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $789
San Francisco (SFO) to Dubai (DXB) for $789
San Francisco (SFO) to Beirut (BEY) for $789
San Jose (SJC) to Riyadh (RUH) for $739
San Jose (SJC) to Cairo (CAI) for $740
San Jose (SJC) to Bahrain (BAH) for $783
San Jose (SJC) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $789
San Jose (SJC) to Dubai (DXB) for $789
San Jose (SJC) to Beirut (BEY) for $789
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Beirut (BEY) for $769
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Muscat (MCT) for $778
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Riyadh (RUH) for $797
Tampa (TPA) to Dammam (DMM) for $752
Tampa (TPA) to Doha (DOH) for $752
Tampa (TPA) to Riyadh (RUH) for $758
Tampa (TPA) to Muscat (MCT) for $767
Tampa (TPA) to Kuwait (KWI) for $767
Tampa (TPA) to Beirut (BEY) for $784
Tampa (TPA) to Jeddah (JED) for $786
Washington (WAS) to Cairo (CAI) for $641
Washington (WAS) to Bahrain (BAH) for $672
Washington (WAS) to Dammam (DMM) for $682
Washington (WAS) to Muscat (MCT) for $686
Washington (WAS) to Doha (DOH) for $710
Washington (WAS) to Riyadh (RUH) for $722
Washington (WAS) to Amman (AMM) for $736
Washington (WAS) to Jeddah (JED) for $742
Washington (WAS) to Beirut (BEY) for $748
Washington (WAS) to Dubai (DXB) for $752
Washington (WAS) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) for $752
Washington (WAS) to Kuwait (KWI) for $767

When is this available?

Availability always differs, so we suggest using Google flights or Skyscanner to look for your perfect dates. Airlines can pull deals at any time. If you want to book this, book it soon. If you