USA to Reykjavik, Iceland Sale from $317 (One World)

Post Time: May 1, 2019 3:28 PM
by evelynparis (
by evelynparis (

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Reykjavik (Iceland)


United Airlines (Star Alliance)

Fare information

base fare: LNA46LGT,LNA46LGT ($99.82)
price: $317

Booking link

Sample Skyscanner link: PIT-REK $317

Sample Expedia Search

Deals We Found:

PIT REK $317.53
ORL REK $338.84
CLE REK $370.09
BOS REK $421.61
DTT REK $436.66
PHL REK $460.29
TPA REK $483.83
CLT REK $489.13
NYC REK $508.77
WAS REK $513.54
SEA REK $538.14
CHI REK $569.33
MEM REK $569.77
PNS REK $578.34
ABQ REK $578.86
RDU REK $578.86
OKC REK $578.86
MSY REK $579.97
LAS REK $579.97
HNL REK $579.97
BHM REK $579.97
CHS REK $581.45
OMA REK $586.83
PDX REK $587.82
COS REK $590.33
SAN REK $594.68
RIC REK $595.66
ANC REK $601.94
HOU REK $608.48
IND REK $609.02
MSP REK $610.22
DEN REK $613.27
SLC REK $619.63
FWA REK $630.48
SJC REK $644.26
DFW REK $655.54
MKC REK $665.35
MIA REK $676.43
ITH REK $683.18
BNA REK $694.89
STL REK $715.39

When is this available?

Availability always differs, so we suggest using Google flights or Skyscanner to look for your perfect dates. Airlines can pull deals at any time. If you want to book this, book it soon. If you

Note: Information is valid at the time of publication. Since prices fluctuate and airlines alter the terms and availability of fares quite often, you may arrive to this page after these deals have expired.

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