A new sale from Los Angeles to many cities in China Sale from $350 on Sichuan Airlines. Others expected to match.


Los Angeles (United States)


CSX: Changsha $339
SIA: Xian $360
KMG: Kunming $361
CAN: Guangzhou $361
CTU: Chengdu $361
HFE: Hefei $361
WUH: Wuhan $361
SHE: Shenyang $385
SHA: Shanghai $455


Sichuan Airlines (Star Alliance)

Fare information

base fare: RLM2US ($59.95)
price: $339

Booking link

Sample Skyscanner link: LAX-CSX $339

When is this available?

Availability always differs, so we suggest using Google flights or Skyscanner to look for your perfect dates. Airlines can pull deals at any time. If you want to book this, book it soon. If you